Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Music - Plans for 2011

Our year started with an intensive teaching week with Kgothatso Kekano. Anna Ferl’s help (volunteer from the DED) was indispensable. As the children stated their highlights of the week, the beginners’ group mentioned how proud they feel to have started doing theory too. The kids also revel in the opportunity to excel and progress as fast as they determine through their own diligence.

Kgothatso Kekana (she is centre standing with a black top) hails from Mamelodi, Pretoria. She has just completed her BMUS majoring in recorder at the University of Pretoria under Mandy Low.

Our teaching programme for 2011 incorporates several facets and staff:

1) Weekly recorder and theory lessons with teachers from the cities close by.

2) The orchestral instrument component happens in Grahamstown since the closest teachers are in these centres. Three –four composition and ensemble workshops are planned for this year.

3) Expert recorder teachers come and teach about three to four times per annum (mostly during school holidays). During these sessions students have two lessons a day and the progress is phenomenal! These expert teachers are sometimes from within South Africa, sometimes from abroad.

4) I go to Hamburg roughly every four – six weeks to visit with the students, oversee and plan and manage the various aspects.

Compiled by Helen Vosloo, Founder