Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Education - Capoeira is strong in Hamburg!

The group in Hamburg continue to train hard daily. As some members of the group are leaving town to study at University the group are welcoming new members, taking time to teach the new comers the basics of capoeira.

Having recently received a digital camera and laptop the group are now keen to use these tools, they have plans to make a documentary about the group; it’s beginnings, members day to day lives and what it is that keeps them training each day.

The prospect of a visit from Luis Negao in June/July is something all the group are very much looking forward to.

The group have an exciting year of plans ahead which will be made possible from recent fundraising efforts in the uk and in the Education programme of the Keiskamma Trust. The plans include performances at local festivals and a trip to a local game park for performances, history of capoeira and music practice. The group are also beginning to incorporate HIV and AIDs education into their activity plans to look at lifestyle and how this influences health.

It was a pleasure to see the group again and to train with them, they play very good capoeira, and the energy in their rodas is something we can all aim for.

Post by Kat Carpenter (Morena Clara) - Abolicao Oxford