Monday, 30 June 2014

The Art Project contributes to the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

Nozibele Nxadi and Zukiswa Zita
presenting their embroidered panels

Friday, 20 June 2014

Flower power for Graça Machel

A bunch of handcrafted aloes that deck the dining hall at Graça Machel residence have "totally transformed the space and given it a unique identity", says Mary Van Blommestein, curator of the UCT works of art collection and the Irma Stern Museum.

Seven felt flowers were installed into the hall's niches in April, after the UCT Works of Art Committee commissioned the Keiskamma Art Project, based in Hamburg in the Eastern Cape, to create the colourful flora.
"The aesthetic appeal of the structure and beauty of the individual aloes from various regions in South Africa creates a powerful visual statement which celebrates our national flora and promotes an appreciation of the importance of eco-wise sustainable gardening evident in the courtyard planting of this residence," says Van Blommestein.
"Each aloe is first shaped with wire, covered with hand-felted wool, embroidered, and installed in hand-thrown clay pots. In total there are seven separate species in the dining hall:Aloe vryheidensis; Aloe ferosx; Aloe peglerae; Aloe arborescens; Aloe plicatilis; Aloe pearsoniiand Aloe striata."

"Our main wish is to get more and more orders so we keep busy and create more employment to us the locals," says Khayalethu Nqono, one of the artists on the project. "I see my work on some social media sometimes and, yhu! My heart sings with joy. I see unbelievably beautiful handmade art that I was part of producing and that gives me hope."

Shaylok Khoza, another artist from Hamburg, enjoys working with Keiskamma.
"I enjoy my work so much," says Khoza. "The UCT commission was such a great order ... and we looking forward to have more commissions coming through so we can be able to create more employment for ourselves, and maybe one day be able to buy our own company car ... since we are currently struggling for transport to buy our raw materials from town."

Story by Yusuf Omar. Images by Michael Hammond.
17 June 2014

From UCT website

Friday, 13 June 2014

Keiskamma Music Academy at the Eastern Cape Eisteddfod

Keiskamma Music Academy would like to congratulate two students who took part in the 2014 Eastern Cape Eisteddfod.  Wonke Mapuma (Gr. 9) and Sambesiwe Mavela (Gr. 8) of St. Charles Sojola High School in Hamburg performed on Wednesday 28 May before an adjudicator at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.  They were accompanied by Music Academy instructor Claudia C. Linfelt on piano. 

The Eastern Cape Eisteddfod is a festival in celebration of art and music and a platform for young players to showcase their talents.  Opportunities for performance and professional evaluation are offered over a period of weeks.  This year’s Eisteddfod was held from May 15th till May 31st.

Wonke Mapuma played a selection from Hans-Martin Linde's Neuzeitliche Übungsstücke on alto recorder and an arrangement of Moritz Moszkowski's Two Spanish Dances on clarinet.  Wonke earned a Bronze Award for his performance on clarinet and a Silver Award for his performance on recorder.  The adjudicator noted his “confident playing” and “attention to dynamics.”  Wonke is currently excelling in both his clarinet and recorder playing, tackling advanced UNISA solo repertoire at a relatively young age. 

Sambesiwe Mavela performed two movements from a sonata in e minor by Benedetto Marcello on alto recorder, earning a Double Gold Award.  Sambe was praised for his “confident performance” and “understanding of genre.”  This is the highest award a Keiskamma Music Academy student has received at the Eastern Cape Eisteddfod to date.

Sambesiwe Mavela

Well done, Wonke and Sambe! Thank you both for your enthusiasm, diligent practice, and dedication. You have made us very proud!

For more information about the Eastern Cape Eisteddfod, please visit:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Keiskamma Music Academy Attempts World Record - Read below to know how to donate!

Keiskamma Music Academy has enjoyed many performances in and around Hamburg since the start of 2014.  For our next project, we are delighted to take part in the Guinness Book of Records world record attempt for the largest simultaneous busk.  A busk is where people play music on the street or other public place for voluntary donations. 

The busk will be taking place in Hamburg from 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday 11 June 2014 with an attempt at the world record being at 7:00 p.m.  At 7:00 p.m., high school and primary school students from Keiskamma Music Academy will an arrangement of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica, the South African national anthem, by Keith Terrett.  We will play continuously for 5 minutes.  All funds raised will help a number of music projects in Africa, India, and Thailand including Keiskamma Music Academy. 

Please consider giving your special support to Keiskamma Music Academy during this time.  You can make a donation through Musequality and World Busk.  Visit this page ( for more information.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Music Academy students and a chance for musicians the world over to come together in one powerful moment of music-making.  We thank all concert attendees for your support and look forward to seeing you there!