Sunday, 24 January 2010

OVC - More about Christmas 2009! Creches Christmas Party

The Presbyterian Church from Port Alfred has taken on Hamburg as their outreach programme, thanks to the connection made by Coleen Driessel who has worked as a bookkeeper for the Trust for 8 1/2 years. Each year a group of ladies from Port Alfred, headed up by Gwen Milne, knit jerseys for the crèche children in Hamburg, Bodium and Ntilini. We received about 120 jerseys this year! If all the jerseys are not handed out to the crèches then they are distributed out at the clinics. In addition, through-out the year clothes are collect by the congregation to be distributed amongst the families of Hamburg and surrounding areas. Once a year a party is hosted by the church for the crèche children over 100 children receive a gift, sweets, cool drink and cake. Many thanks to Coleen and Natalie Renou for organizing the Christmas parties this year.