Saturday, 30 January 2010

Education - Trust’s education programme provides help to Bodium Primary School

The primary School in Bodium, the village close to Hamburg, is extremely under resourced. The school has only four teachers for 105 pupils. Grades 1-7 share 4 rooms, while Grade R children are accommodated in the kitchen rondavel.

Thanks to Jane Spriggs, a Johannesburg educator who has a holiday home in Hamburg, the Trust has been able to employ a teaching assistant to assist with the foundation phase classes. Jane turned 60 last year and made a generous donation to the Trust to celebrate the occasion.

The foundation phase teacher, Mrs Mcoseli, reaches retirement age next year. Currently she has to run backwards and forwards between two buildings to teach the children in the lower grades. Andiswa Makubalo started work at the school this month. She will assist Mrs Mcoseli with her daily programme and thereby ensure that there is adequate supervision in each of the “classrooms” for a trial period of six months, with the possibility of extending this to the end of the year..

Staff at the school are dedicated teachers under the leadership of Mr Makapela the school principal and teacher of grades 6 & 7.

The Trust plans to assist the Bodium community with the establishment of an aftercare centre for vulnerable children once the centre at Mgababa has been fully equipped and is running smoothly.