Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Keiskamma Altarpiece returns home

After nine years of travelling the world and South Africa, the iconic Keiskamma Altarpiece has returned to Hamburg to be part of the opening celebrations of the new town centre buildings and other Aspire developments (date to be determined). 

It was absolutely thrilling to see Justus Hofmeyr once again assembling the huge artwork, with a team of Keiskamma staff assisting him, and to see the Altarpiece fill up the heart of the new gallery space in Hamburg.

Keiskamma Trust Art project and its founder Carol Hofmeyr, have been pivotal in attracting attention to this small village, and making its name known for high-quality art--which is one of the main reasons that Hamburg has been the focus of National Treasury, and Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism funding to create an artist retreat , a new town centre-complete with arts and craft buildings, and a Music Academy building--and while we don't have the mandate (yet) to be allowed to operate in them, we have been granted permission to show our work. 

The Keiskamma Altarpiece is a contemporary icon of how the human spirit can rise above adversity and create art of enduring strength and beauty

The Keiskamma Altarpiece, created in 2005 by 130 women and men from the village of Hamburg, travelled to North America, London UK, and Germany, as well as all through SA as part of an international exhibition, and has been on display in Stellenbosch for the past few years. It has garnered international attention and accolades, and has brought Hamburg's story to the world, as well as bringing many people to Hamburg who have been inspired by this incredible artwork.
On the official opening day of the new building we plan to celebrate this-- as well as the new Music Academy buildings --with musical performances and singing. We invite you to stay tuned to this blog to hear more about the events happening here and hopefully to hear news about when we may be allowed to rent the buildings that were designed for us!