Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Artist profile: Sinovuyo Makhubalo

Sinovuyo Makhubalo born and grew up in Hamburg. She Studied in Hamburg L/H Primary School and Matomela Senior Secondary School. Sino passed matric in 2009 and went on to W.S.U in 2011 but she didn't complete her diploma in tourism.

Sino writes: 
“Growing up as a child I have been attending drawing worshops at the art project that were held from time to time. We used to draw and I remember once we did black & white lino cut prints.
I then stopped attending the workshops because I was not always around, but my mother and Carol would ask me to draw cows on fabrics for cushion covers during my high school holidays.
In 2011 during university June holidays I attended a botanical workshop with Wendy Hitchcock. We did botanical drawings with her. Carol was then impressed by my drawing skills. Then in 2013 I didn’t go back to university. I was at home doing nothing. Carol then asked me to join the project.

During that time there was a "botanical fine art exhibition" that was coming in Cape Town. She then asked me to be part of it. I had to make 4 botanical pieces, which were solar prints. That was my first time doing those. My work was accepted to be exhibited and all my pieces were sold. This was very exciting and to me it is quite an achievement because not every one get this kind of opportunity. This experience motivated me to get more involved with arts and to push myself and work harder to achieve more in future, to also be patient because in this field you have to be patient. Success doesn’t come easily and quickly. My passion for art is what pushes and motivates me to do more most of the time.”