Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Music through the ages

Well done to the Music Academy:

"CLASSICS at The Castle, held at Richmond House in Port Alfred, took place on Sunday, March 2, with performances by Anthony Drake and Laura Osterlund along with young friends from The Keiskamma Music Academy in Hamburg.

Classics at The Castle came of age with the event as it was the 21st musical event to be held at Richmond House. 
The event was entitled “La Belle Danse: a celebration of instrumental dance music through the ages” and it took audience members through a musical journey with the use of recorders, clarinets and a medieval violin known as a Vielle.

The event was very well attended by music lovers from the public, who applauded their appreciation for the skilled performances by Drake, Osterlund and the Keiskamma Music Academy students. It was a superb showcase of talent for the academy."

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