Saturday, 1 December 2012

Music Exam Success

Keiskamma Music Academy is thrilled to receive stunning results for our 2012 UNISA exams!

25 students entered examinations this year in music theory or on an instrument, for a total of 53 exam entries.  Several of our senior students were able to prepare for three exams: theory, recorder, and their orchestral instrument.  While last year’s entries were mainly in music theory or on the recorder as well as one flute and two clarinet entries, we had a total of 23 theory entries and 30 instrumental examinations this year on recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, classical guitar, and piano.

We were thrilled to receive a total of 20 Distinctions and 19 Merits.  Over 70 percent of our exam entries received these honours for high marks, maintaining the high exam success rate of Keiskamma Music Academy in addition to our 100 percent pass rate.

Our instrumental students prepared for their exams with teachers Karen Mostert and Jen Hoyer in Hamburg, as well as a group of part-time orchestral teachers in Grahamstown.  We were lucky to have additional assistance from recorder teacher and harpsichordist John Reid Coulter, who joined us in Hamburg for a one-week preparation workshop and accompanied all the students for their exams.

Our theory students prepared with Elizabeth Winkelman, a Port Alfred music teacher who has been commuting to Hamburg weekly since 2011.  Elizabeth also teaches our piano and classical guitar students.  In addition to the all-around success of our theory students, we were delighted this year to see exceptionally high marks in our senior class: all three of our most senior theory students received Distinctions on their exams.

Congratulations to our students and their teachers!