Friday, 21 September 2012

Music Academy is growing!

Following a longtime dream of Music Academy founder Helen Vosloo to expand to other villages, weekly music lessons in the neighbouring village of Bodium have begun in September 2012.  Children from other villages have been keen to join Music Academy but the long walk to Hamburg for lessons and rehearsals has been a deterrent.   We have solved this problem by taking Music Academy on the road.

Fourteen children from Bodium Primary School have started Music as an after school activity.  We are currently meeting once per week to listen to music, play musical games, learn to read the notes on a staff, and get to know our new recorders.  The students are keen to have music more often and we look forward to increasing our teaching time with these pupils on weekends.

The Hamburg music students are curious to meet their Bodium neighbours and make music together; our upcoming holiday workshop in October will provide opportunities for joining musical forces.

With an ever-increasing enrollment in Hamburg (now 24 students at Hamburg Primary, 21 at St. Charles Sojola High School, and 2 on scholarship in Grahamstown), plus 14 students at Bodium Primary, we are delighted to see Keiskamma Music Academy bursting at the seams! 

Jen Hoyer