Monday, 2 July 2012

Music Academy: Khanyi Cuka is awarded the Hennie Joubert Merit Prize

We had a delightful surprise a couple of weeks ago when we heard from UNISA that one of our Music Academy students, Khanyi Cuka, was to receive a Hennie Joubert Merit Prize for her exceptional result in her Grade 2 alto recorder exam in August 2011.

We knew last year that all our students had done exceptionally well, with 8 Merits, 19 Distinctions and 3 young people achieving over 90% in their practical exams. However we were thrilled for Khanyi to receive this extra special award which is only offered to the top three candidates nationally per grade.

Other students who were placed on the role of honour are: Aviwe Nkani (pre grade 1 theory), Wonke Mapuma (soprano recorder grade 2), Khanyi Cuka (soprano recorder grade 3)..

The award comes with a R650  prize too, but most importantly, it validates the achievements of the Music Academy programme and the hard work of both pupils AND their teachers.

The students are currently preparing for another round of practical and theory exams this coming August, and Khanyi's success will surely spur them on to be up there with the best in the country!

Brenda Fishwick