Monday, 12 March 2012

Music Academy Students Prepare for Academic and Musical Success

Two Keiskamma Music Academy students, Khanyi and Yoliswa, have been settling into Grade 8 this term at Victoria Girls' High School in Grahamstown. The girls were accepted to the school as a result of their excellent achievements in music practical and theory exams, as well as their promise in other curriculum areas. After hearing the girls play at our Christmas concert, two donors – Anneke Viljoen and Peter Whelan – came forward to support this opportunity financially. Their generous offer, together with parental contributions, has covered tuition and hostel fees.

We had a busy time on the day before term started getting the girls kitted out and ready to begin their adventure. It was a lovely moment to see them emerge from the changing rooms at the school outfitters, new ties neatly knotted and sporting shiny new blazers and shoes!

Khanyi and Yoliswa are now happily settled into their busy academic life, continuing their music education there as well as contributing to Music Academy when they return for weekends or holidays.

We continue to look for potential places in East London and Grahamstown schools for our other talented young students. If you would like to consider helping to sponsor a “champion” student’s future, please get in touch with us to discuss this.

For our pupils still in Hamburg our German volunteer, Lisa, is offering Maths booster classes for Grade 9 to 11 pupils so that they are better prepared as they approach Matriculation. Lisa's drive in offering additional academic support may make the difference between our students passing Matric or not, as well as achieving university acceptance or not.

A music education has many benefits, equipping young people with necessary skills for all curriculum areas (see our web page, 'Benefits of a Music Education'). We know that our regular music lessons and workshops are laying a solid foundation for all our Music Academy students.