Monday, 22 March 2010

Staff profile: Novuyani Peyi

Novuyani Peyi is the Keiskamma Art Project's Staff Coordinator. She is also a member of the Keiskamma Trust’s Board of Trustees and of the Keiskamma Trust's Management Team.
Novuyani lives in Hamburg location. She is 43 years old. Her husband works as a security officer. She has three children who are all students. She has three grand-children and a nine-year old foster child.

Time with the Trust.
I started working here in 2004 and went from embroidery to machine sewing, and after some time, being offered to join art management where I dispatched work and made payments. Today I am part of the Board of Trustees.
With the Keiskamma Trust I have gained confidence in decision-making, learnt the importance of short- and long term planning and along with that built my self-esteem.
I feel very proud to be part of the Board of Trustees because I am there to represent the community.

Most Successful Project.
The Keiskamma Art Project has developed a lot. Throughout the years we have gone from having no basic knowledge of how to run a business to becoming an organization led by an experienced board which plans and budgets properly.
In my view, the most successful project has been the Keiskamma Altarpiece which has reached places like Canada, the United States and England.

How The Keiskamma Trust Has Helped my Community.
Today, more than 140 women are hired by the Art Project. The quality of our handcrafts is improving day by day while the work gives therapy to those who need it the most.
Before this Project we had nothing to do. We were struggling to feed our kids and education was just a dream. Through this project that dream has come true.