Friday 13 June 2014

Keiskamma Music Academy at the Eastern Cape Eisteddfod

Keiskamma Music Academy would like to congratulate two students who took part in the 2014 Eastern Cape Eisteddfod.  Wonke Mapuma (Gr. 9) and Sambesiwe Mavela (Gr. 8) of St. Charles Sojola High School in Hamburg performed on Wednesday 28 May before an adjudicator at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.  They were accompanied by Music Academy instructor Claudia C. Linfelt on piano. 

The Eastern Cape Eisteddfod is a festival in celebration of art and music and a platform for young players to showcase their talents.  Opportunities for performance and professional evaluation are offered over a period of weeks.  This year’s Eisteddfod was held from May 15th till May 31st.

Wonke Mapuma played a selection from Hans-Martin Linde's Neuzeitliche Übungsstücke on alto recorder and an arrangement of Moritz Moszkowski's Two Spanish Dances on clarinet.  Wonke earned a Bronze Award for his performance on clarinet and a Silver Award for his performance on recorder.  The adjudicator noted his “confident playing” and “attention to dynamics.”  Wonke is currently excelling in both his clarinet and recorder playing, tackling advanced UNISA solo repertoire at a relatively young age. 

Sambesiwe Mavela performed two movements from a sonata in e minor by Benedetto Marcello on alto recorder, earning a Double Gold Award.  Sambe was praised for his “confident performance” and “understanding of genre.”  This is the highest award a Keiskamma Music Academy student has received at the Eastern Cape Eisteddfod to date.

Sambesiwe Mavela

Well done, Wonke and Sambe! Thank you both for your enthusiasm, diligent practice, and dedication. You have made us very proud!

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