Thursday 14 November 2013

Celebrating Bell

Keiskamma Music Academy has expanded music teaching to another village. 

Tuwa Primary School is located in the village of Bell, just before highway R72, 14 km from Hamburg, where we have been teaching for 7 years now.  There, Keiskamma Music Academy volunteers and staff have begun a new teaching initiative for the benefit of Tuwa Primary School students.  

This new teaching initiative, and the expansion of Keiskamma Music Academy’s youth development efforts began when Mr. Mali, the former head teacher of Tuwa Primary together with the parent body, reached out, requesting musical education for its learners.  

Keiskamma Music Academy volunteers Martin Kratzing and Val Arnold joined Music Programme Manager Anthony Drake to give weekly music lessons.  Instruction in recorder and basic musicianship began in September 2013.  The music team began by teaching all eighteen primary school students as a group.  
Since the end of October, lesson are now taught in smaller groups.  

The youngest students so far are in Grade 4; the oldest are in Grade 6.  In little time, students at Tuwa Primary School have already developed a good understanding of rhythm and some basic musical repertoire.